Our Services:

Full Service Oil Changes: Regular oil And Full Synthetic.

Tune Ups: Basic Tune ups,Major Tune ups,Performance Tune Ups.

Belt Replacement: Any Kind.

Hose Replacement: Water Hoses,Heater Hoses,Vacuum Hoses.

Filter Replacement: Fuel Filter,Air Filter,Cabin Filter.

Full Brake Service: Replacement Of Brake Pads And Resurface Rotors.

Cooling System Service: Full Radiator Flush,Full System Flush.

Courtesy Check-up: We’ll look inside, outside, under the hood and under the vehicle … and then offer you a written report.

Drivability Diagnosis: Drivability refers to anything having to do with how your vehicle is performing while on the road

Electrical System Diagnosis & Service: Battery Diagnostics,Battery Replacement,Battery Terminal cleaning,Battery Terminal replacement,Light Bulb Inspection And Replacement

Full A/C Service: Compressor Test,Full System test,Condenser Test.

Emission Service: Full System Flush That Cleans Throttle Body, intake runner, Fuel Rail, Inside of Fuel Injector, Tip Of Fuel Injector, Back Of Intake Valve, Combustion Chaimber, Spark Plugs, O2 Sensor, Catalytic Converter.

Preventive Maintance: 30K/60K/90K Miles

Suspension: Shocks Replacement,Struts Replacement,Lift Springs And All Other Suspension Parts.

Timing Belt Replacement: Timing Belt Replacement Kits On All Vehicles Make And Model.

Full Tire Service: Tire Replacement,Tire Balance,Tire Patch,New Or Used Tires Available.

Full Transmission Service: Transmission Replacement,Transmission Maintance,Transmission Flush.


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